The National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT) located in Rabat, is one of the great schools of Moroccan Engineers attached to the ANRT and general in field of Information and Communication Technologies, founded in 1961. Since 2008, the Institute is a member of the Conference of French Grandes Ecoles. The Institute was established in 1961 for the training of middle managers in the fields of Post, Telecommunications and Broadcasting. In 1979, it was erected as a Higher Education Institution and in 1991, reflecting the development of the sector demand ICT resources; introduced a cycle of engineers. With the adoption of law, the school was attached to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT). Currently, high quality telecommunications and computer training is offered by INPT.

The INPT main mission is the training of Engineers and Executives in the field of high technologies of information and communication. Accompanying the changes that today in the telecommunication sector, including its liberalization and opening up to competition and private participation, and in order to provide the latter highly qualified skills, it has implemented several actions that revolve around following main areas:

  1. A State engineers cycle that revolves around a scientific and technical training of high level with the development of coping skills, initiative and innovation of engineering students.
  2. A graduate school in partnership with the Faculty of Sciences Rabat (FSR); continuing education in step with industry needs.

To accomplish these tasks, a permanent faculty of lecturers and trainers, as well as a network of contractor’s academia and professionals from the information technology sector support the Institute. In this context, it also has a set of laboratories equipped with teaching and professional equipment constantly updated, and a computer network at the cutting edge connecting its various laboratories and facilities.